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Wintertree Spelling Server Examples

These examples demonstrate how Wintertree Spelling Server forms an effective spellcheck solution for your web site. All of these examples are included with Wintertree Spelling Server.

Click on the link below to start the example. The example will be displayed in a separate window.

Example 1

This very simple example checks the spelling of a text area in a form and displays misspelled words and suggestions in a pop-up window. Although this example provides no interactive way for the user to dispose of spelling errors, it is very easy to implement and requires only one round trip between client and server.

Example 2

Example 2 demonstrates interaction via HTML forms. When spelling errors are detected, a form is returned which contains a description of the error and some controls for disposing of it (Ignore, Change, etc.). When one spelling error is disposed of, the next is returned in a similar form until no spelling errors remain. This approach requires a round-trip between client and server for each spelling error.

Example 3

This example shows interaction via an independent form in a pop-up window. During a spelling check, a pop-up window displays a form containing a description of each spelling error and controls for disposing of spelling errors. Button clicks and other user interaction with the form are handled by client-side JavaScript code. As each spelling error is handled, the next error appears in the same form. This approach requires only one round-trip between client and server for each textarea.

Example 4

Example 4 demonstrates spell-checking as part of form validation. When the form is submitted to the server, its contents are validated to ensure that all required information was provided and that the entered information was correct. In addition, the text entered into text areas is checked for spelling errors. If the form contains errors (including spelling errors), it is returned to the client with annotations describing the errors. In the case of spelling errors, the form contains controls which allow the user to correct or ignore each error. If the form contains no errors, it is accepted. This approach requires one round-trip between client and server each time the form is submitted.

Example 5

This example demonstrates interaction via a Java applet. The applet communicates with the spelling checker running on the server to check the spelling of text contained in text areas on a form. The applet presents a dialog box which the user interacts with to dispose of errors. Only one round trip is required between client and server for each text area.

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