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Spell check ".rc" files with SpellSource

You've worked hard to give your app that polished, professional look. Don't let spelling errors in your user interface spoil it.

Let's face it: Creating an attractive, functional user interface is hard work. A single spelling error in a menu item or button label can ruin your users' first impressions. But how can you spell check labels and captions when they're embedded in an RC (Resource Compiler) file?

Easy -- use SpellSource! SpellSource spell checks strings in ".rc" files. You can use SpellSource to make sure your application's user interface is free from embarrassing spelling errors.

SpellSource spell checks .rc (Resource Compiler) files.

SpellSource works with any .rc file, including those created by VC++. You can even install SpellSource in the VC++ Tools menu.

SpellSource understands the .rc file format. It skips over key words and checks just the displayable strings:

  • Captions

  • Check boxes
  • Controls
  • Static text
  • Menus
  • Buttons
  • String tables

SpellSource even handles "&" characters intelligently.

Software developers who write Windows programs in C or C++ typically create user interface elements such as dialog boxes, menus, and displayable text strings using a resource editor. Resource editors create ".rc" files containing these user interface elements which are compiled and attached to a software application. Resource editors lack spell checkers. Furthermore, ".rc" files are text files containing many key words that would normally confuse a spell checker, so checking the spelling of displayable text strings such as menu items and button labels has until now been difficult at best. As a result, spelling errors go undetected, resulting in embarrassment, reduced customer confidence, and loss of sales.

SpellSource solves this problem. It understands the format of ".rc" files, skipping over key words and spell checking only displayable strings. SpellSource offers suggested replacements for misspelled words, and applies corrections to the ".rc" file directly. SpellSource comes with American and UK English dictionaries, each containing about 100,000 words. Application-specific and personal words can be added to a user dictionary. Dictionaries in 10 European languages are also available.

Now here's the best part: SpellSource is absolutely free!

Requirements: Windows 9x or NT 4.0 or later, 1Mb disk, 8MB RAM.

"Programmers are not necessarily the best spellers, as I've noticed over the years. Recently I ran across a free utility that will minimize the heartbreak of illiterate dialog boxes. Wintertree Software's SpellSource is a spell checker for resource compiler (.rc) files that knows to skip everything but the contents of displayable text strings. It's definitely one of those 'why didn't somebody think of this years ago' ideas...." -- Visual Developer Mar/Apr 1999

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