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How we measured WSpell's performance

To measure WSpell's performance, we used a 2.66GHz Pentium computer running Windows XP. The machine has 1GB RAM and 100GB of disk space. We used WSpell version 5.15 for the test.

We used the "Performance" demo used in the WSpell Example Program included with WSpell to run the test. The "Performance" demo sets WSpell's Text property with the text to be checked, calls the GetTickCount API function to obtain the start time, then call's WSpell's Start and Resume methods in a loop until WSpell fires EndOfText event. GetTickCount is then called again, and the difference between the end and start times is the test duration. The "Performance" demo displays the measured duration in milliseconds, plus the total number of words checked, the number of misspelled words detected, and the checking rate in words per second.

To run the performance measurements, we obtained a large document (part of a novel, actually) from the Web. The document contains 41,164 English words and 238,087 characters. The document contains 4,831 different words, ranging from "the" (1643 occurrences) to words like "confused" and "sentient" (one occurrence).

The "Performance" demo was run 10 times. The following times were recorded for each run:

  1. 235ms

  2. 234ms
  3. 234ms
  4. 234ms
  5. 235ms
  6. 234ms
  7. 234ms
  8. 250ms
  9. 250ms
  10. 234ms

Average time: 237.4ms. WSpell checked the document at an average rate of 173,395 words per second (41,164 / .2374).

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