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Easy integration with your Web forms
 A few lines of JavaScript in your HTML file is all that's required. The included user's guide and example programs show you how.

Client-based spell checking
Wintertree Spell Check Applet runs entirely on the client, so your server isn't bogged down by processing spelling-check requests.

No server programming
Unlike other products, absolutely no server modifications or programming are needed. The client's browser takes care of downloading the applet, and the applet takes care of everything else

Browser compatibility
Compatible with both Netscape and Internet Explorer.

Internet / Intranet
Works with Internet and intranet Web-based forms.

Editable user dictionaries
Edit user dictionaries through a Web form.

Undo support
Undo previous user corrections by clicking a single button.

User options
Set common spell check options through a Web form. Option settings are saved persistently.

Multiple dictionaries
Supports multiple main dictionary files.

User dictionary
Users can add words to a personal dictionary at run time. User dictionary is saved persistently.

Misspelled word handling
Supports "ignore all" and "replace all" misspelled-word handling

Intelligent suggestions
Offers intelligent suggestions for misspelled words using typographical (looks like) matching, phonetic (sounds like) matching, or both

Auto correct
Automatically or conditionally corrects common misspellings (e.g., automatically replace recieve with receive). Dictionary containing hundreds of common English misspellings and correct replacements is included

Doubled-word detection
Optionally detects doubled words (e.g., Paris in the the spring)

Dictionaries included
Comes with 100,000-word, 50,000-word, and 25,000-word American, Canadian, and UK English main dictionaries

Dictionaries in several European languages, plus medical and legal supplements to the English dictionaries, are available.

Case sensitive
Reports america as a capitalization error and offers America as a replacement

Unlimited clients
Spell Check Applet is licensed on a per-server basis. Unlike other products, there are no limits on the number of clients and no per-client fees to pay.

Free technical support included

Localizable user interface
Text strings displayed in the applet's user interface can be changed for easy translations

HTML checking
Optionally skips over any HTML markups in the text being spell-checked

Click here for more information about Wintertree Spell Check Applet

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