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Sentry Spelling Checker Engine C Source Code

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Sentry Spelling Checker Engine C Source Code
Complete, ANSI C source code for a powerful, professional quality spelling engine.

The Sentry Spelling Checker Engine Source Code provides everything needed to add a powerful yet easy-to-integrate spellchecker to your C/C++ applications on virtually any platform including UNIX/Linux, in applications ranging from embedded systems and handheld devices to high-powered servers.

 Features for embedded systems

  • Fully ROMable API

  • ROMable American and British dictionaries included in 25,000, 50,000, and 100,000 word sizes

The Sentry engine includes all of the features you and your end-users expect in modern spell checkers: High performance, accurate suggestions for misspelled words, automatic correction of commonly misspelled words, flexible user dictionary support, and doubled-word detection, to name just a few.

 Features for servers

  • Thread safe API needs no synchronization/serialization

  • Sharable dictionaries reduce resource consumption
  • Handle spelling requests for 1000s of users simultaneously

The Sentry Source package includes the complete ANSI-C source code for the spell check engine and related software. The code was designed and built for maximum portability. The code is fully ROMable, re-entrant, and modular.

If your application includes a Windows version, you'll be glad to know the Sentry Source package includes the complete source code for the Sentry Windows DLL (dynamic link library).

 Features for desktop applications

  • Full source code for Sentry Windows DLL included

  • Add words to user dictionaries at run time
  • Suggests replacements for misspelled words using typographical or phonetic matching
  • Multi-lingual dictionaries available

Sentry includes features that make it ideal for implementing spellcheck servers for Web sites and intranets, such as a thread safe API, linkable dictionaries that are instantly available and shareable among all threads and users, and incredible performance that leaves plenty of CPU cycles available for your server.

The Sentry Source SDK includes an example showing how to check spelling of text areas in HTML forms on Web pages using CGI.

 Sentry Spelling Engine Source SDK

  • Portable, high-quality source code for industrial strength spellcheck software

  • Use in embedded systems, desktop applications, Web servers

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