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Easy integration with your applications

Simple, straight forward API uses only basic data types: strings and integers.

High quality dictionaries included

Sentry comes with superb 100,000-word American English and British English dictionaries with comprehensive coverage of general words, contractions, abbreviations, and capitalized proper names. Words in the dictionary have been carefully selected to provide complete coverage of average English vocabulary and minimize spurious error reports.

Amazing speed

Spell checks nearly 20,000 words per second on modest hardware. Click here to find out how we measured this.

Usable in embedded systems

All spell-check functionality can be accessed via a ROMable, thread-safe API. The source code is modular, so unneeded features don't have to be included in your build. ROMable dictionaries in 25,000, 50,000, and 100,000 word sizes are included.

Usable in servers

Supports simultaneous spell checking for potentially thousands of users in large-scale severs. All spell-check functionality can be accessed via a thread-safe API without need for semaphores or other serialization mechanisms. Dictionaries can be safely shared among threads without need for serialization. Incredibly high performance leaves your server's CPU cycles free for other tasks.

User dictionaries

Add your own words to any number of user dictionaries. Words can be added to or removed from user dictionaries at run time using Sentry's API. Words in user dictionaries may be offered as suggestions for misspelled words.

Intelligent suggestions for misspelled words

Sentry can locate suggested replacements using either typographical (looks like) matching, phonetic (sounds like) matching, or both. Suggestions are scored by the degree of closeness with the misspelled word, and the list of suggestions is returned in decreasing score order. The first offered suggestion is usually the correct replacement for words containing a single error.

Case sensitive

Incorrect capitalization (e.g., canada instead of Canada) can be reported as a misspelling. Case sensitivity can be disabled if necessary via a simple run-time option setting. Dictionaries included with Sentry contain correct capitalization forms.

Spell check single words or entire books

Sentry's flexible API lets you spell check individual words or blocks of text containing thousands of words.

Automatic corrections

Sentry can automatically or conditionally correct common misspellings -- e.g., replace recieve with receive. A dictionary containing hundreds of common misspellings and their correct replacements is included. Abbreviations can also be expanded using this feature (e.g., replace WSI with Wintertree Software Inc.).

Doubled word detection

Sentry can detect repeated words (e.g., Paris in the the spring).

Low resource consumption

Sentry typically uses a maximum of .5Mb of memory at run time and .5Mb of disk space. Memory use can be tailored to reduce consumption to as low as 100K (with some loss of speed).

Friendly, royalty-free licensing

Our license agreement permits you to redistribute the Sentry engine and dictionaries with your applications, without the burden of copy counting, royalties, or run-time fees. Plus no obtrusive product logos or branding requirements -- a simple copyright statement is all that's needed.


Dictionaries for major Western European languages are available, including, Brazilian (Portuguese), Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish. See our catalog for pricing.

Medical and legal dictionaries available

If your application targets the health care or legal fields, your customers will appreciate our available medical and legal dictionaries. See our catalog for pricing.

Example applications included

Source code for several working applications that demonstrate typical use of Sentry's API is included.

Word parsing and simple text editing

Sentry's API is flexible enough to extract individual words (surrounded by punctuation and white space) from blocks of text. It can even be used to perform simple editing functions, such as word deletion and replacement.

Mature, field-proven, reliable, bug-free and stable

Sentry has been sold as a commercial spell check engine since 1993. Since then, we've continued to improve and enhance SSCE in response to customer requests and changing application requirements, making SSCE the best royalty-free spell checker available. Fully debugged and tested. Rock-solid stability.

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