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Reviews and customer comments


"Wintertree's SSCE is a powerful, well conceived, and flexible solution for adding a spell-checking capability to a Delphi application. With its low-level access to the inner workings of its engine, and its high-level Windows interface, it adapts to a variety of programming situations.... Its support for a variety of European languages is excellent.... For any Delphi programmer looking for a full-featured, powerful, yet flexible spell-checking solution, I recommend this product highly." -- Delphi Informant, September 1997

Comments from customers

"I just finished uploading a customer application that includes your spell check. It was very easy to implement and it handled the rich text with ease! I am very pleased that you delivered it electronically so quickly. It's quite a statement that it was possible to go from component shopping to finished shipped software within 4 hours. It is SO very rare that I find a company that actually does what it promises!" -- MW, Garland TX

"I highly recommend the 'Sentry Spelling Checker Engine' from Wintertree Software. I recommend it for ease of use as well as its inherent flexibility and lexicon options. It's amazing how little coding is necessary to use the Wintertree software with a CEdit or CRichEdit control, though more coding is necessary for some other applications. The complete source code is available (which I have not purchased), but the less expensive Windows SDK version is likely to be entirely adequate for most Windows developers. There are lexicons available in 10 languages (in addition to the American English and British English lexicons that come with the SDK), and I like the software that they go with so much that I now have purchased all of 'em for use by my own software's users." -- FW, Kingston, MA

"Nice product" -- HH, Bedford NS

"Excellent stuff!" -- JA, Collierville TN

"I've tried 2 other spell check controls and never got them to work. I had yours working in 5 minutes" -- FF, Oak Creek WI

"The 'dialogs' API really made incorporation a snap; I'm very impressed.... The product is super" -- JB, Vancouver BC

"[I] will recommend your products to others" -- GT, Bend OR

"A must-have for my project" -- MP, St. Germain WI

"Good stuff!" -- TD, Fort Wayne IN

"Thanks for your great products!" -- SO, New Zealand

"Was easy to integrate. Good product." -- RP, Ashburn VA

"Great!" -- DB, Austin TX

"We are very pleased with your product. It took us only a couple hours to implement it into our PowerBuilder application" -- CVS, Massillon OH

"Great software tool!" -- RL, Big Bend WI

"Your product looks & feels great." -- GA, Los Angeles CA

"Great product!" -- ST, Silver Spring MD, also JV, Dayton OH

"We have used [Sentry Spelling Checker Engine] for numerous of our own projects, and they all have performed well.... Adding to your own project is also a snap (takes less than 5 minutes)." -- ST, Usenet

"...a clean-and-simple spellchecker solution. Add two VB .bas files and reference the DLL and you are ready to go with a single line of source code to check any textbox or rich textbox. It is both easier to implement and more stable than [competitor's product]" -- RL, Carrollton, GA

"Good job. The installation and integration into our app went very well." -- MT, Orem UT

"SSCE is an excellent application" -- CD, Christchurch NZ

"[A] really well done, professional product" -- DT, Boulder, CO

"Great product. Great manual. Easy to use in my app." -- DC, Frisco CO

"SSCE is one of the finest components I've ever seen. I just wish others would follow your example in its ease of use and stable functionality.... Thanks for a wonderful product!" -- VJT, St. Petersburg, FL

"It has worked very well... for me in my Delphi applications." -- GF

"Very happy with the engine..." -- AD, West Australia

"Outstanding product! The best we have ever used. Thank you!" -- DM, Upper Sandusky, OH

"For a less expensive alternative to the [competitor's] spell check, look at the offering by Wintertree. I've been using it for some time, [it] is priced affordably, and works extremely well." -- ST, Usenet

"I've been a professional software developer for 8 years and have worked with many custom controls and 3rd party libraries and I think the SSCE product/documentation is excellent!" -- RW

"I have really loved your speller! It has dropped right in to my app easily." -- MG, via e-mail

"We are extremely happy with the product." — TF, Australia

"My experience with using Wintertree's [Sentry] spell checker is very positive--very stable, and it works with VB and Delphi... as well as with Access." -- GF, Usenet

"We use Wintertree Software's [Sentry] spelling checker with English and European language for our run-time applications. For our applications it has a good API and our end users have had no installation problems." -- MH, Usenet

"Great and well documented" -- IB, Cheshire, England

"I was able to add a spell check function to a program in just over 20 minutes, including reading the manual!" -- SB, Usenet

"My copy of Sentry arrived... yesterday afternoon, and within a few minutes I had created a... spell-checking application in VB6 from scratch, and had it running nicely. Thank you very much for the product and service."AD, Surrey England

"The product is awesome."JR, via e-mail

"Very Fast, and very easy to use." -- AC, Taiwan

"Ordered it the day after I evaluated it!! Great stuff!!" -- HW, Palo Alto, CA

"Thank you creating an excellent and affordable product." -- MKP, via e-mail

"Exactly what I need and it worked straight away in my application without any hassles." -- GM, London, England

"Sentry Spelling Checker Engine is one of the best investments we've made, in turns of product development and time-to-market. Nice work!" -- CL, Columbia MO

My customer is happy! Nice software - keep up the good work. -- PT, via e-mail

"We just bought your Spelling Checker Engine and it works great!" -- BG, El Paso, TX

"The Sentry product looks good, is very easy to use (we incorporated it into our app in about a 1/2 hour) and is very flexible." -- RC, Usenet Chattanooga, TN

"It is an excellent product" -- PA, Fort Worth, TX

"Your product and documentation are superb" -- RF, Sydney, Australia

"I have been impressed by the high quality of software and the associated documentation" -- JI, via e-mail

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