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Sentry Spelling Checker Windows SDK

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Sentry Spelling Checker Engine for Windows.
Add a spell checker to Windows apps you develop.

Sentry Spelling Engine is a Windows DLL you can call from your applications to add a powerful, professional quality spell checker in minutes. The Sentry Windows SDK includes everything you need to integrate the Sentry DLL with your apps.

Use the Sentry Spelling Checker Engine to meet all your spell-check needs in your Windows-based applications.Spell check dialog. Sentry includes built-in dialogs for spellchecking, option setting, and user-dictionary editing.

Interactive spell checking. Sentry can spell check the contents of text strings, standard text boxes, and rich-text boxes, including TEdit, CEdit, TRichEdit, and CRichEdit controls, plus TX Text Control. Misspelled words are highlighted in the text boxes as they're found, and replacements made by the user are updated instantly.

Background spell checking. Sentry even supports "as you type" or background spell checking, similar to the feature found in Microsoft Office. Misspelled words are drawn in red and changed back to black when corrected. Suggestions are shown in a context menu displayed when the mouse is right-clicked over a misspelled word.

Roll-your-own user interface. Although Sentry includes built-in user interface features, you can create your own user interface, or use Sentry in non-interactive applications such as batch processing text.

Friendly, royalty free licensing. Our license agreement permits you to distribute an unlimited number of copies of the Sentry DLL and dictionaries with your applications, without the burden of copy counting, royalties, or run-time fees. Plus no obtrusive product logos or branding requirements -- a simple copyright statement is all that's needed.

High quality dictionaries included. Sentry comes with superb 100,000-word American, British, and Canadian English dictionaries with comprehensive coverage of general words, contractions, abbreviations, and capitalized proper names. Words in the dictionary have been carefully selected to provide complete coverage of average English vocabulary and minimize spurious error reports.

Sentry's "as you type" spell checking feature automatically draws misspelled words in red as they're typed and changes them back to black when they are corrected.

User dictionaries. Your users will appreciate the flexibility afforded by having several user dictionaries open at once, or opening sets of user dictionaries for different purposes. All user-dictionary management is handled through the Sentry DLL (dynamic link library), so no additional programming is needed.

Works with all popular programming languages. Sentry Spelling-Checker Engine for Windows provides everything you need to add a full spellcheck capability to your Microsoft Windows applications. Sentry is compatible with most programming languages/environments, including Visual C++ (including MFC), Borland C++, Visual Basic (VB), VB.NET, C#, Delphi, Access, and PowerBuilder.

Free 30-day evaluation. Still not convinced? Try a free, 30-day evaluation copy of Sentry and see for yourself how easy it can be to add a spellchecker to your Windows application.

Spell checking the way your users expect. Sentry's comprehensive API makes the full power of the spellchecker engine — including a complete user interface — just one function call away. In less than 10 minutes, your application can have a powerful, professional-quality speller that works the way your customers expect: Just like the spell checkers in leading word processors.

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"Outstanding product! The best we have ever used. Thank you!" -- DM, Upper Sandusky, OH

"SSCE is one of the finest components I've ever seen. I just wish others would follow your example in its ease of use and stable functionality.... Thanks for a wonderful product!" -- VJT, St. Petersburg, FL

"...a powerful, well conceived, and flexible solution for adding a spell-checking capability to a Delphi application." -- Delphi Informant

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