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Add a thesaurus to software applications you develop

Wintertree Thesaurus Engine allows software developers to add a thesaurus or synonym- and antonym-finding capability to their applications. Wintertree Thesaurus Engine is available as a Windows DLL, portable ANSI C source code, Java class libraries, and Java source code. Each Wintertree Thesaurus Engine software development kit includes a large thesaurus database containing over 77,000 English synonyms for 35,000 key words and a library of functions to access the database. The thesaurus engine and database can be redistributed with your applications without paying royalty or run-time fees.

Wintertree Thesaurus Engine is available in four software development kits (SDKs):

Each package includes everything you need to integrate Wintertree Thesaurus Engine with your applications, and the software and thesaurus database you need to distribute with your application. The Programmer's Guide provided with the SDKs describes not only the calling protocol for each function in the API, but is also packed with examples, tips, advice, and behind-the-scenes information that enables you to harness the power of the engine in your application with a minimum of fuss. Source code for working example applications is also provided.

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