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Frequently asked questions about WGrammar

Can I use WGrammar in a web application?
Yes. WGrammar comes with a sample ASP (Active Server Pages) application.

Can I add patterns to catch specialized grammar errors or problems WGrammar does not detect?
Yes. WGrammar comes with a comprehensive tutorial explaining how to write your own patterns.

Do I have to pay royalties or other licensing fees to bundle WGrammar with my application?
No! The WGrammar license agreement permits you to bundle certain run-time portions of the WGrammar Windows SDK (the WGrammar DLL, grammar database, and parts-of-speech database) with your applications without paying additional fees.

Can I use WGrammar in my Mac or UNIX application?
We sell the ANSI C source code for WGrammar (product #0246). The source code can be compiled and used on any platform that supports an ANSI C compiler, including Macintosh and UNIX.

Can I modify WGrammar's user interface?
WGrammar contains no user interface. Examples in MFC, VB, and VB.NET are included with the SDK. You can use the user interfaces in the examples, and make them look or behave according to your needs.

Do you have a grammar checker in languages other than English?
Not currently, sorry.

Does WGrammar check spelling as well as grammar?
No. However, you can "connect" WGrammar with a spelling engine (such as Sentry Spelling Checker Engine) to check grammar and spelling in one pass through the document.

What about support?
Support is included in the purchase price. Please see Support Policy for a description of the support we provide.

What is the current version of WGrammar?
Information on the current version is posted here.

How do I obtain upgrades?
To obtain an upgrade, order product #0215. We also have annual maintenance contracts available (product #0169).

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