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WGrammar Grammar Checker Engine.
Add grammar-checking and text searching capability to your Windows applications.

Call the WGrammar DLL from your Windows applications to check text for grammatical problems or perform sophisticated text searching.

Use the WGrammar Software Development Kit (SDK) to add grammar-checking capability to Windows applications you develop, including applications written in C, MFC, Visual Basic, VB.NET, and ASP. WGrammar can locate and identify thousands of problems committed by writers of English in dozens of problem categories. If your application accepts text input, your users will appreciate being able to check their text for grammatical errors.

  • Sample interactive dialogs with full source code in MFC, Visual Basic, and VB.NET are included

  • Easily highlight grammar problems and make replacements to text in text boxes and rich-text boxes
  • Text replacements can be undone, with multiple undo levels
  • Simple API uses only integers and character strings
  • Includes comprehensive programmer's guide covering step-by-step instructions for common procedures plus a detailed reference on each API function and constant.
  • Royalty free

WGrammar includes sample source code in MFC, Visual Basic, and VB.NET showing how to add a grammar checker to your applications.

Search engine. WGrammar is also a powerful text-search engine that can efficiently locate many -- potentially thousands -- of multi-word sequences in text. You can define your own patterns to augment the grammar-checking patterns included with WGrammar, or even use WGrammar strictly as a multi-word, multi-pattern text-search engine for applications like:

  • Automatically assigning e-mail to folders or people based on key words and phrases contained in each message;

  • Checking written text for violations of style guidelines;
  • Identifying news articles or Web pages which match subjects of interest based on key words and phrases;
  • Automatically processing free-form text in electronic forms by identifying key phrases;
  • Validating multi-word phrases on input (e.g., allowing "Los Angeles," "Los Vegas," "New York," and "New Hampshire," but not "Los York" or "New Vegas."

WGrammar's search engine matches patterns containing sequences of words, using wildcards and parts-of-speech categories (e.g., match words as verbs, nouns, adjectives, etc.). Each pattern has an associated replacement, and the replacement can refer to specific words matched by the pattern. WGrammar's pattern and replacement syntax is powerful enough to rearrange words in a sentence; for example, it can turn

The report was filed by our delegate.


Our delegate filed the report.

It can even change the verb tense:

Our delegate will file the report.

You can create WGrammar patterns to catch violations of corporate style guidelines, perform simple translation, expand abbreviations, search-and-replace all word forms (e.g., replace look with see, looking with seeing, looked with saw, have looked with have seen, etc.) -- any situation where you need to match or match and replace multiple word sequences.

WGrammar's search engine can efficiently search for thousands of patterns at the same time. The document being searched is scanned only once, regardless of the number of patterns. WGrammar searches text on a word-by-word basis, meaning it is insensitive to the number of spaces separating words, line or paragraph breaks, and tab characters.

WGrammar can locate any sequence of one or more words, including business and personal names, titles, legal, medical, and technical terminology, dates, grammatical problems, and wordy phrases. WGrammar can search for many phrases -- potentially thousands -- at the same time. Each phrase can contain any number of words. Words appearing in multiple phrases are compared just once per text word for efficiency, and the text being searched is scanned just once regardless of the number of phrases being searched for.

Unlike other text-searching engines, WGrammar is small, fast, and easy to set up. It searches text in memory, so there are no complicated indexes or databases to configure. WGrammar is ideally suited to searching blocks of text: a field on a form, a paragraph, a news article, Web-page text, e-mail message, etc.

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