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Using multi-lingual dictionaries

Product: Sentry Spelling Checker Engine Source and Windows SDKs

Question: How can I set up my application so it uses the Dutch, French, German, etc. dictionaries instead of English?


Use the dictionaries the same way you use the American or British English dictionaries. Wintertree Software's Dictionary products for each language include three files: sscexx.tlx, sscexx1.clx, and sscexx2.clx (the xx in each name is a 2-letter language code). The sscexx1.clx file can be used only with Sentry SDKs version 4.x. The sscexx2.clx file can be used with any Sentry SDK version 5.x.

Instructions on using the dictionary with Sentry are given in documentation included with the dictionary. In some cases, it is necessary to enable or disable certain Sentry options. For example, If you use the German or Finnish dictionaries, your application should set the SPLIT_WORDS_OPT option to true. If you use the French or Italian dictionaries, your application should set the SPLIT_CONTRACTED_WORDS option to true. Again, follow the instructions which accompany the dictionary product to determine the appropriate set of option changes.

For more information, see "How to install the SSCE run-time with your applications" in the "Using the Sentry Windows SDK" or "Using the Sentry Source SDK" chapter of the SSCE Programmer's guide (use the chapter that applies to the SDK you are using).

Windows SDK: Beginning with version 5.11, the Options dialog in the Sentry Windows DLL lets the user pick the main-dictionary language at run time from a list of available dictionaries. Changing the dictionary language configures the right set of dictionary files and options for that language. Contact Wintertree Software Sales for information on upgrading if you have an older version.

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