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Problems installing Sentry on target system

Product: Sentry Spelling Checker Engine Windows SDK

Version: Any

Problem: My application works OK on my development system (where I installed the Sentry Windows SDK), but when I install it on another machine, Sentry reports that all words are misspelled, or that it can't open dictionaries.

Solution: This problem is almost always the result of a misconfiguration of some kind. When you install the Sentry Windows SDK on your development system, the setup program included with the product automatically creates certain properties (settings) in the system registry. When you run one of the examples included with the Sentry Windows SDK, or test the Sentry engine during integration with your application, the Sentry DLL reads these properties and successfully opens its dictionary files, so everything works fine. However, when you install your application on another system (the run-time system), certain properties must also be defined on that system, or the Sentry DLL will not know which dictionary files to open and will therefore not open any, causing all words to be reported as misspelled. Read the section titled "How to install the Sentry run-time software with your applications" in the "Using the Sentry Windows SDK" chapter of the Sentry programmer's guide for instructions on what needs to be done on the target system for the Sentry DLL to operate correctly. It's important to note that setting these properties on the target system is your responsibility. If you're still having problems, read Most or all words reported as misspelled, as that document contains solutions to the most common configuration problems.

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