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How to use alternate dialog box template resources in Visual Basic

Product: Sentry Spelling Checker Engine Windows SDK

Version: 5.1 and later

The appearance of the dialog boxes built in to the Sentry DLL can be modified at run time by supplying alternate template resources. This article describes how to do this in Visual Basic. The approach described here is known to work in Visual Basic version 6. It may or may not work in other versions.

General information on using alternate dialog box templates with the Sentry DLL is available in the Sentry programmer's guide: "How to change the appearance of Sentry's dialog boxes" in the "Using the Sentry Windows API" chapter.

Before you can work with resource files in Visual Basic, you must first load the Resource Editor Add-In. To load the Resource Editor Add-In, select Add-In Manager from the Add-Ins menu. In the Add-In Manager dialog box, select VB6 Resource Editor and check the Loaded/Unloaded box.

To create a resource file:

  1. Select Add New Resource File from the Project menu.

  2. In the Open A Resource File dialog box, enter a name for the resource file. Be sure to give the file a .res extension. The resource file will be added to the Related Documents node in the Project Explorer.

To edit a resource file:

  1. Select Resource Editor from the Tools menu.

  2. Select a button from the Resource Editor Toolbar to edit an existing resource or add a new one. To learn more about editing resources, see the Resource Editor Add-In documentation.

Alternatively, you can use a resource editor and resource compiler provided with a different product, such as VC++. After creating and editing the resource file, compile it using the resource compiler to create a .res file. The .res file can then be added to the Visual Basic project.

Note that the dialog template resources will not be available if you run your project from the Visual Basic IDE. You must create a .exe file before your dialog template resources will be available.

For more information on using resources in Visual Basic, see the following topics in the Visual Basic documentation:

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