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WSpell ActiveX Spelling Checker Control

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Easy integration with your app

Simple, two-step operation: 1) Set the Text property with the text you want to check; 2) Call the Start method. Properties have reasonable defaults, so you need only set the ones you'd like to change Adding a spell checker to your Visual Basic application has never been easier! Click here to find out more.

Background spell checking

WSpell can monitor text controls and detect spelling errors as the user types, just like the "as-you-type" or "on-the-fly" spell checking feature in word processors.

Spell-check Web page forms in Internet Explorer

WSpell can check the spelling of text entered in Web page forms viewed with Internet Explorer. The WSpell control is digitally signed and has been marked "safe for scripting" and "safe for initialization."

Excellent documentation!

Programmer's guide describes how properties, methods, and events work together to fulfill common spell check requirements

Built-in rock-solid reliability

Fully debugged and rigorously tested. Wintertree Software has been developing industrial-strength spell check technology for over 10 years


WSpell includes over 50 properties, over 20 methods, and 10 events, giving it the flexibility needed to meet any application's spell check requirements. Spell check text of any size from a single word to an entire book. Click here to find out more.

User interface options

Use our built-in spell check dialog box, write your own user interface, or check spelling without a user interface

Text source flexibility

Spell check text strings, text boxes, and rich-text boxes, including CEdit, CRichEdit, TextBox, RichTextBox, and TX Text Control.

Editable user dictionaries

Edit user dictionaries through our built-in dialog box or your own dialog box.

Undo support

Undo previous user corrections by calling a single method.

User options

Set common spell check options through our built-in dialog box or your own dialog box

Multiple dictionaries

Supports multiple main and user-dictionary files — limited only by memory!

User dictionaries

Add words to user dictionaries at run time. Can use user dictionaries from most other applications, including Word

Network support

Main dictionaries can be stored on a common file server for network-based applications

Misspelled word handling

Supports "ignore all" and "replace all" misspelled-word handling

Intelligent suggestions

Offers intelligent suggestions for misspelled words using typographical (looks like) matching, phonetic (sounds like) matching, or both

Auto correct

Automatically or conditionally corrects common misspellings (e.g., automatically replace recieve with receive). Dictionary containing hundreds of common misspellings and correct replacements is included

Abbreviation expansion

Automatically or conditionally expand simple abbreviations (e.g., automatically replace WSI with Wintertree Software Inc.)

Doubled-word detection

Optionally detects doubled words (e.g., Paris in the the spring)

Amazingly Fast!

Spell checks over 150,000 words per second on modest hardware. Click here to find out how we measured this.

Accented characters

Supports the full ANSI character set, including accented characters

Dictionaries included

Comes with 100,000-word American, Canadian, and UK English main dictionaries


Dictionaries in several European languages, plus medical and legal supplements to the English dictionaries, are available.

Case sensitive

WSpell detects capitalization errors (e.g., reports america as a capitalization error and offers America as a replacement)

Royalty free

No royalties or runtime fees to pay. No copy counting required.

Friendly licensing

No obtrusive product logos or branding requirements — a simple copyright statement is all that's needed


Free unlimited technical support via e-mail or voice (M-F during business hours EST)

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