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Spelling Technology from Wintertree Software

Wintertree Software has professional quality, royalty free spell checkers you can add to software applications you develop on virtually any platform, in virtually any development language, for virtually any application.

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Documents and white papers

How many words should be in the spell checker's dictionary?: Customers often ask why our English dictionaries contain fewer words than our competitors' dictionaries. The answer may surprise you.

What's the difference between Sentry Spell Checker and WSpell? Description of the main differences between Wintertree Software's flagship spelling technology for Windows applications.

Adding a spell checker to a Java applet: Describes a technique for client-side spell checking using the Sentry Java engine.

Using WSpell to check Web form text areas in IE: Discusses the steps involved in using the WSpell ActiveX control in IE to spellcheck text areas in Web forms.

Spelling checker products

Wintertree Spelling Server: High-performance spellchecker for Web sites running IIS/NT/Win2000.

Sentry Spelling-Checker Engine Windows SDK: Add spell-check capability to Windows applications you develop

Sentry Spelling-Checker Engine ANSI C Source Code: Complete, portable C source code for a high-performance spelling engine. Ideal for UNIX/Linux, Macintosh, and embedded system development.

Sentry Spelling-Checker Engine Java SDK: Add spellchecking capability to Java applets, servlets, and applications.

WSpell ActiveX Spelling Checker Control: Economical ActiveX/OCX spellcheck control for Visual Basic and Web forms viewed with IE.

Wintertree Spell Check Applet: Client-based spell checking for text areas in Web/HTML forms.

Dictionaries: Various Western European languages, plus legal and medical supplements to the English dictionaries, for all of Wintertree's spelling products.

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