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Add a spell checker to your Paradox applications with Sentry Spell Checker

Sentry Spell Checker provides everything you need to add a full spell check capability to your Paradox applications. Click here to find out more about Sentry Spell Checker.

How to spell check a field on a form

Spell check a TextBox or RichTextBox from your Microsoft Access applicationMany Paradox applications let their users view and update database fields via a field on a form. If this is how your application works, you can add a spell checker in minutes using these simple steps:

  1. Add a "Spell check" button to your form.

  2. In the event handler for your "Spell check" button or menu item, extract the text from the TextBox or RichTextBox Text property into a string.
  3. Pass the string to Sentry's CheckBlockDlg function.
  4. When CheckBlockDlg returns, the string will contain any corrections made by the user. Set the field's Text property to the the string.

That's all there is to it! When the "Spell check" button is pressed, Sentry will check the spelling of words in the string. If a misspelled word is found, Sentry will pop up a dialog the user can interact with to dispose of the misspelling. The dialog will show the string's contents, and the misspelled word will be highlighted. The dialog shows suggested replacements for the misspelled word. If the user makes a correction, the string will be updated automatically.

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